Tom Brady Dancing


Tom Brady just wants to dance.

A couple years back a video of Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel dancing at a baseball game surfaced on the internet and now it appears that Cassel may have learned his moves from New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

A video of Brady dancing at some sort of parade or carnival or something has surfaced online and it is, well, hilarious. Now, to be fair, if I tried to dance I would look equally, if not more ridiculous than Brady does in this video. That is why I try to avoid dancing whenever possible. In fact, whenever I am at an event where dancing is taking place, I usually spend my time doing something I actually like. Drinking.

Anyway, the time seems ripe for a Tom Brady vs. Matt Cassel Nerd Dance-off. We’ll have a little poll at the end where you can choose which QB is the biggest loser on the dance floor. The prize will be that we’ll draft a fan petition to mandate that the winning QB should never dance again. The second place prize will be that we’ll draft a petition to mandate that the runner-up never dance again.

First up is Tom and his ridiculous hair.

Cassel boogies with a baseball bat after the jump.

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