Chiefs Free Agent Roundup


The NFL and the players have agreed to drag their labor talks out another week but they have also decided that the league year is officially over, meaning teams had to complete any planned transactions last week.

The Chiefs had a number of players set to be free agents or restricted free agents under the old rules and even though teams didn’t yet know what the new rules will be, they continued to operate under the assumption that the rules would be similar. In an effort to take care of their business before last week’s deadline, the Chiefs made a number of moves to secure the rights of their players. Since the Chiefs are not keen on releasing a ton of information to the media,we’ve tired to piece together which players have been given deals/tags/tenders from various sources.

This news has been trickling out over the last couple of days. I’m on a sort of mini-vacation with Ms. AA this weekend so I have been a little slow getting this together. I’ve got a roundup of the action for you after the jump.

Restricted Free Agent Tenders:

If under the new rules (when they are decided) the following players are eligible for restricted free agency then the Chiefs would hold the rights of the following players (if the new agreement honors these tenders). These guys would be allowed to talk to other teams but the Chiefs would hold their rights. The tenders are a value the Chiefs placed on each player, meaning if another team were to want to sign one of KC’s restricted free agents, they would have to compensate the Chiefs the tender the team placed on the player.

– CB Brandon Carr was tendered at a 1st round level.

-OT Barry Richardson and DE Wallace Gilberry were tendered at a 2nd round level.

Bob Gretz reports that the team also tendered Reshard Langford though we don’t know at what level.

-FB Tim Castille, CB Maurice Leggett, RB Jackie Battle and OT Ryan O’Callaghan were not offered tenders.

Joel Thorman at Arrowhead Pride confirmed that the Chiefs have re-signed linebacker Corey Greenwood to a 1-year contract.

That is all we know about right now. We still have yet to hear about TE Leonard Pope, TE Brad Cottam, FB Mike Cox , C Rudy Niswanger, LB Corey Mays or QB Brodie Croyle