Today is the deadline fo..."/>

Today is the deadline fo..."/>

Report: Chiefs Tender Wallace Gilberry


Today is the deadline for NFL teams to submit tender offers for players who will could be restricted free agents should a labor deal get done sometime in the next 150 years and Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star is reporting that the Chiefs have tendered DE Wallace Gilberry at a 2nd round level.

In simple terms, the Chiefs control Gilberry’s rights as a restricted free agent. The tender is the Chiefs placing a value on Gilberry. Wallace is free to talk to other teams interested in acquiring him, however since the Chiefs hold his rights, an interested team would have to give up a 2nd round pick to the Chiefs if they wanted to sign Gilberry. The Chiefs would also have the opportunity to match any offer Gilberry might receive.

This is a smart move by the Chiefs. Gilberry is their only other consistent pass rushing threat outside of Tamba Hali. He was second on the team in 2010 with 7 sacks.

We’ve talked a little bit about Gilberry in the past. He is obviously a talented player but he is a bit out of position in KC’s 3-4 defense. He was brought in by Herm Edwards to play in the 4-3 and Gilberry’s natural position would be as a 4-3 DE. In the 3-4, Gilberry is a bit undersized and thus struggles against the run. As a result, the Chiefs main used Wallace in passing downs in 2010. Gilberry could likely put up even better sack numbers if he was on the field for more snaps.

I think the Chiefs need to seriously consider switching Gilberry to OLB. They could re-sign Shaun Smith and use him in a platoon with Tyson Jackson at DE in 2011. Gilberry could step in at DE if needed but he could also jump in the mix with Andy Studebaker and Cameron Sheffield at OLB.

If a team were to offer the Chiefs an extra second rounder for Gilberry I think it is something they would likely consider. While Wallace is talented, an extra 2nd round pick would enable the Chiefs to go after a rush linebacker in the first round of the 2011 draft and then use their two 2nd round picks to look at WR and NT candidates.

Then again, if no labor deal is reached before the draft, no player traders would be allowed and no players would be free agents so this scenario couldn’t happen until after the draft. That means any picks the chiefs got for Gilberry would be for 2012…that is to say, if the new CBA even takes into account this tender.

What a mess.

What do you guys think? If a CBA was struck tonight and a team offered a 2nd rounder for Gilberry tomorrow, would you want the Chiefs to take it?