Shaun Rodgers Chooses Saints For Love, Not Money


We sparked some debate earlier in the comments as to whether or not Shaun Rogers chose the Saints for love or money and according to Jason La Canfora of it was the latter.

La Canfora is reporting that Rogers turned down a $6 million offer from another team to take roughly $4 million to play for the Saints. Since the only other teams Rogers met with were the Redskins and the Chiefs, the offer of $6 million likely came from one of them.

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here saying the big offer was likely from the Redskins. Washington owner Dan Snyder is known to overpay for over the hill veterans and big name players. Heck, he once offered me $400 to wash his car.

While this news doesn’t tell us why Rogers chose the Saints over the Chiefs and Redskins, it does tell us he didn’t do it for money.

I can’t imagine Scott Pioli offering $6 million for Rogers. I think there are better odds that the Chiefs would re-sign Larry Johnson and release Jamaal Charles before they’d pay Rogers $6 million for one year. In fact, I’m not sure Pioli would offer Rogers $4 million for one year so there is the possibility that the Chiefs low balled him and that he took more money by signing with the Saints.

Apparently along with love, money can’t buy you Shaun Rogers. At least if you’re the Redskins or the Chiefs. Probably the Redskins.

If we ever find out which team offered him the $6 million, we can say “you couldn’t pay Shaun Rogers $2 million dollars to play for the Redskins/Chiefs.”