Vote For Danielle From KC In The Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge


A reminder to vote for Danielle! She is tied 50-50 with her opponent so we can really make a difference in putting her over the top. Plus you really can win some great prizes doing this.

You may remember earlier this week I told you that I am coaching one of Captain Morgan’s Morganettes for this year’s Captain Moran BracketMaster Challenge. Daniel from Kansas City is Arrowhead Addict and FanSided’s official Morganette!

Danielle is trying to beat out 31 other Morganettes from around the country in a NCAA March Madness-style tournament. You can fill out your own bracket (making sure to vote for Danielle) for a chance to win really cool prizes.

Here are some details on the competition:

"* Make all of your picks down to the winner and then submit your bracket.* Submit a bracket in one or more rounds. A MAXIMUM of 1 completed bracket per user per round is allowed. You can enter for a chance to win once per round and your bracket starts over fresh at the beginning of every round.* The closer your picks are to the popular vote, the better your chances are of winning!* Scores and picks on brackets you’ve submitted in earlier rounds DO NOT affect your score or picks in future brackets. You start each round with a new bracket from scratch based on the winners from the previous round for more chances to WIN!"

The prizes for this thing are really cool but to have a chance to win the grand prize you have to enter in the first round, which ends March 2nd.

So make sure you head over to the website and fill out your bracket now and support the hometown girl!

Video of Danielle after the jump.

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