The Kansas City Chiefs And The Great Cocaine Caper


Here at Arrowhead Addict we follow pretty much everything there is to follow about the Kansas City Chiefs but one interesting piece of news came to light this morning that shocked even us.

The San Fransisco Chronicle had a very interesting story about an incident that took place following the Chiefs’ 23-20 loss to the Oakland Raiders in California on November 7th. We featured the story in The Morning Fix today but if you didn’t catch it, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of what it said.

Apparently when visiting teams are in Oakland the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checks team personnel on the east side of the stadium so that they can go directly to their gate at the airport. This is certainly interesting and it is something that I was not aware of but it was what happened to the Chiefs on November 7th that makes this story all the more interesting.

According to the article in the Chronicle, a bag of white powder was found on the ground near the Chiefs’ bus. The team claimed that the bag had already been on the ground near the team’s bus and that it had appeared “stepped on,” however a TSA agent claimed to have seen the bag of white powder fall out of the jacket pocket of one of the Chiefs players as he approached the checkpoint. The TSA suspected the power was cocaine and called in the Oakland Police Department. The TSA worker then walked down the aisle of the team’s bus and pointed out the player she claimed dropped the substance. The police questioned the player who denied ever having a bag of white powder and in fact, denied even having a jacket.The police questioned the player at length and in the end, determined the substance in question was not in fact cocaine but a nutritional supplement. The entire incident reportedly held the team up for three hours.

If the bag turned out to actually contain cocaine then this would all make sense. If a player had drugs on him and then saw that he had to go through a checkpoint it would make sense that he wanted to ditch the bag before arriving at the checkpoint. It would also make sense that after being caught that the player would deny that the bag was his.

The only problem is that the bag wasn’t full of cocaine. It was in fact, full of something harmless thus there would be no reason for the player to deny ownership of the bag unless it really wasn’t his. Even more confusing is that nobody took ownership of the bag. If it was just a supplement one would assume it came from someone on the Chiefs players or staff members.

More strange is that if the bag really didn’t belong to anyone on the Chiefs then why was the TSA agent claiming that she saw a certain player drop it?

The whole thing is strange and it would appear that someone isn’t being entirely truthful. It is possible that the bag did belong to someone on the Chiefs but they either didn’t realize at the time that they had it or had dropped it or that they were afraid to speak up just in case the substance in the bag really was cocaine and not the supplement that they were missing.

I also can’t help but wonder if the TSA agent was lying when she said she saw a player drop the bag. What if she just saw the bag on the ground and decided it was just one of the players ditching some coke? Still, she’d have to be a pretty rotten person to make up a lie about a specific person dropping it when the person could potentially be innocent.

I doubt we’ll ever find out what really happened but you have to admit it is a pretty crazy story.