Friday Night Week in Review


Alas Addicts, I know that all of you were hanging on the edge of your seats in anticipation, but I was not selected for the position in Denver I applied for earlier in the week.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can read about it here.  Don’t fear though, for yours truly perseverance is the name of the game and I will get where I want to go.  For some reason right now that is Donkeyland, go figure.

I think the format for the Open Mic Night has run a little stale (not much of an Open Mic Night when no one comments), so I will be changing it up a bit from now on and it will henceforth be the “Week In Review” which on Friday nights will link to our 1pm EST posts, and on Saturday nights will link to our 3pm EST posts.  The purpose in this will be to continue any discussions from those posts, any new thoughts, or to start discussions that should have been but did not happen.  In addition to the week in review, I will give some additional thoughts which may or may not be associated with the Chiefs.  This is what happens when a person has free reigns to do what they want on the interweb.  Right now I am listening to Sublime (40 oz to Freedom) and am wondering how many Addicts are also Sublime fans.

Big Matt started us off with his predilection for attaching himself to a small group of draft picks that he knows the Chiefs will not pick in his Draft Picks Done Right post.  Victor reworked the Academy Award Nominations for best picture into a quiz format for the Chiefs in his “And the Oscar Goes To” post, and as linked above, I chronicled what I though were the five worst places to live as a Chiefs fan.  Merlin continued his Thursday Draft Day coverage and detailed some Mid-Late round draft prospects we should keep our eyes on as fans, and my boy Randy revisited the heartbreak of the Tony Gonzalez trade and subsequent failure in Atlanta in his post entitled “Not Again Tony G!”

That’s the first part of our week in review Addicts.  The rest will be up tomorrow.  Feel free to peruse the links and bring up anything that is still on your brain.  I am going to spend the rest of the night kicking back and listening to some Sublime.  It’s a shame Bradley’s life ended so tragically.