Chiefs Draft Prospects: Tim Barnes


We continue taking a look at draft prospects for the Kansas City Chiefs by moving to center Tim Barnes out of Missouri.

In their seven round mock draft for the Chiefs, draft site NFL Mocks had the Chiefs taking Barnes in the 4rd round. NFL Draft Scout currently projects Barnes as a solid 4th as well  and rates him as the 3rd best center in the draft.

Let’s take a look at some scouting information on Barnes.

Barnes is listed as 6-4’ and 300 pounds. He demonstrates a nice mix of quickness and strength and can often get to the second level to take on linebackers. The Chiefs run a zone blocking scheme that relies on athletic offensive lineman to quickly get to defenders and create creases for the backs. KC’s current center, Casey Weigmann, is 6-2, 285 so Barnes would be an upgrade in size but is also probably athletic enough to do what the Chiefs need him to do in the ZBS. In fact, Barnes has such quick feet that teams looking to fill a hole at guard might consider drafting him as well. This versatility is something that we know appeals to the Chiefs as they have said time and time again that they prefer players that can do many things. A guy like Barnes could give them the center they are looking for while also providing some emergency depth at guard.

Here is what NFL Mocks had to say on Barnes:

"The center class this year is not very good. There aren’t many players who have starter potential. When you look at all of the potential centers, Barnes makes the most sense for Chiefs. Barnes is a developmental guy. I don’t think he can step in day 1 and start, but he is an athletic, intelligent player who can mature into a starter if he gets stronger and fixes some technique issues. He looks to be a good fit for a zone block scheme and would benefit greatly from sitting behind and learning from Casey Weigmann."

The Chiefs are in sort of an unfortunate situation in this draft. With Casey Weigmann nearing the age where he’ll be able to start receiving a senior citizen discount, KC really needs a starter at center. Rudy Niswanger proved in 2009 that he really isn’t equipped to handle the job and the Chiefs validated that belief by signing and starting Weigmann. We haven’t heard if Weigmann plans to retire but it would be dangerous for the Chiefs to try to squeeze another year out of the veteran. His play was simply not that good last year and while he isn’t likely to be a liability if he returns, starting Weigmann again will not make the Chiefs any better.

If the Chiefs want to get a starter out of this draft and they don’t think Barnes can step in from day one then they might have to make a move on Mike Pouncey in the first round. Many Mocks have him going to Seattle at 25 so the Chiefs might be able to snag him at 21.

What do you think Addicts? Should the Chiefs try to squeeze another year out of Weigmann and Niswanger while trying to develop a guy like Barnes or should they grab Pouncey if he is there in the first round?