Colts Release Bob Sanders


Not Kansas City Chiefs related but still pretty big news nonetheless.

The Indianapolis Colts have released SS Bob Sanders.

This doesn’t come as a great shock but it is still crazy to think of a player with Sanders’ talents being a free agent. Sanders was a key reason the Colts won the Super Bowl during the 2006 season and he is a true difference maker when he is on the field.He was named the AP Defensive Player of the Year in 2007.

The key there being “when he is on the field.”

Sanders has been hampered by injuries his entire career. The Colts took him in the 2nd round in 2004 but he has played in only 9 games in the past 3 seasons.

Interesting to see where Sanders lands. Even with his injury issues someone is sure to take a chance on him. The Chiefs have Eric Berry and are pretty well set at safety so they aren’t likely to be players. Still, injury concerns or not, you have to hope Sanders doesn’t land in the AFC West.

What do you think Addicts? Where will Bob Sanders sign?