Shaun Rogers: “enjoyed my brief stay”


The Kansas City Chiefs brought top unrestricted free agent Shaun Rogers to Kansas City for a visit yesterday and the two sides are finishing things up this morning according to a tweet from Rogers.

Rogers took to Twitter this morning to give his follower a brief update on his plans.

"Let’s see…had a good dinner @ capital grill w/ Romeo & anthony pleasant…those 2 good men 4sho"

Pleasant is the team’s defensive line coach and Crennel coached Rogers in Cleveland so it make sense that this trio would have dined together.

Rogers then announced that he planned to finish up with the Chiefs this morning before heading to New Orleans to meet with the Saints.


"I 4got to tell every1 good morn…but to finish up here in KC then its off to tha NO to see what them saints talkn abt…thx KC enjoyed my breif stay never kno might be bck 1 day"

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It doesn’t sound like Rogers is preparing to sign a contract with the Chiefs this morning as he announced his trip to New Orleans. What we don’t know, however, is what Rogers will be doing with KC this morning. It could be a physical or it could be a meeting where the Chiefs will lay out their offer if they are making one. Regardless, I expect Rogers will probably hold off on signing until he has played out all his options. Rogers received a lot of attention after being released by the Browns so he’ll probably want to continue to enjoy his free agency tour as it is likely his last one.

One thing is for sure and that is that Rogers will sign somewhere before the March 4th labor deadline.

Rogers left us with a brief Twitter exchange with Shaun Smith. Smith has been receiving a lot of messages from KC fans saying that they want to see Smith and Rogers play together on the defensive line. Here is the exchange:


"@QBComa92 phat the people in kc want to see us play together I don’t think they understand what they will really get if play together"


"@autumnsjs90 yeah bro they don’t kno what they askn 4 KC wouldnt ever be the same…lol"


"@QBComa92 tell them boys its a package deal and fair for both sides my dude"