Open Mic Night


Do me a favor.  If you listen avidly to sports radio like I do, go to your local music/electronics store and pick up a copy of Electric Light Orchestra’s greatest hits.  When the radio analysts continue to talk about the non conversation happening between the NFLPA and GOOAA (Greedy Old Owners Association of Assholes) pull out your portable music device and dial up “Telephone Line” to listen to in the background.  It will add a sense of humor to an otherwise frustrating and depressing matter, while at the same time reminding you of the scene in Billy Madison where Steve Buscemi smears lipstick on like the crazed lunatic I assume he is in real life.

This week at AA we were far from living in twilight. Big Matt both supported and questioned Pioli’s methods in his post (with PR like that what else can you do?), and Victor gave 46 reasons that next year could be the year for the Chiefs.  I explored the possible reasoning behind the Muir hire, and Merlin posted the first mock draft on “Draft Thursday” where you can get your Chiefs draft fix at least once a week.  Finally Jeremy put it out there that Tamba Hali may not be worth as much as it will take to keep him.

And there you have it folks.  Feel free to bring up whatever topics you wish, for the rest of the night you all are in the driver’s seat.  If you don’t feel like commenting, you can at least chill out, catch up on previous posts you may have missed, and listen to one of the greatest bands of the past 100 years, THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA.  Have a great night, and yes ELO slams will be permitted in the comments section.