This week on Draft Thursday, Adam and I are going to mock the Chiefs picks in a full sev..."/> This week on Draft Thursday, Adam and I are going to mock the Chiefs picks in a full sev..."/>

Chiefs Full Mock 1.0 Merlin’s Choices


This week on Draft Thursday, Adam and I are going to mock the Chiefs picks in a full seven round mock. I did this last year and had a lot of fun doing it. This year, readers can compare Adam’s choices and mine. In the comments, feel free to respond and post your own mock of Chiefs picks. To make this a fair exercise, we all need to follow some rules. The big board on Draft Tek is the official board to make picks from.  The rules are as follows. You can go up five positions from your draft position. For example, The Chiefs first round pick is #21. So, players from #16 and down are eligible to be selected. You are free to go down as far as you want to select a player. Feel free to reach down to #30 (as an example) for pick #21. Since we don’t know the compensation, if any for the Jared Page trade, that trade will not be factored in. We are going to assume reports are true that we traded our sixth round pick and Alex Magee for Tampa Bay’s fifth round selection (#148). Now on to the selections.

Round 1, Pick 21 (21) Stefen Wisniewski Center Penn State 6′ 3”” 306 lbs

Each pick has an effect down the draft. I have made no secret of the fact that I see Wisniewski as an excellent fit for the Chiefs. He plays best in a zone blocking scheme, is technically very sound, has great character and is versatile. He can play guard as well as center. However, I also think a lot of Jake Kirkpatrick. Do the Chiefs go elsewhere here and look for Kirkpatrick in round two? On the board, Derek Sherrod is available. He could play either tackle position. Justin Houston and Akeem Ayers are available and either could do well as the strong outside linebacker. Given the importance of the center position, I am not taking chances. Wisniewski is the pick and the center position is locked down for over ten years.

Round 2, Pick 23 (55) Titus Young Wide Receiver Boise State 5′ 11” 170 lbs

With the center need filled, speed WR and nose tackle are my remaining primary needs. In the real draft, some positions are reached for, offensive tackles, cornerbacks and nose tackles are prime positions for such a reach. We may see the Chiefs reach for a nose tackle here. Here, I can safely take a speed guy like Titus Young and look for a nose tackle later on. This is another good fit for the Chiefs. Young would stretch the field, opening things up for Bowe, Charles, Moeaki and McCluster.

Round 3, Pick 22 (86) Phil Taylor Nose Tackle Baylor 6′ 3” 337 lbs

Taylor is at the upper limit of my reach, so he is the selection. His character concerns seems to have stayed at Penn State. Since he transferred to Baylor, he has performed well. He has the size and strength to stack the line and demand a double team. His presence in the middle will make everyone around him better. If another team reaches for Taylor, you might see nose tackle Jerrell Powe here instead. There are other interesting players available here, but no one stands out enough to make me not fill the remaining primary need.

Round 4, Pick 21 (117) John Moffitt C/G Wisconsin 6′ 5” 323 lbs

Here Merlin goes off the rails a bit. I can hear the chatter now. Why another interior line pick? Well, I don’t see why he can’t play right tackle as well as center or guard. The Chiefs are dangerously thin on the offensive line. Jon Asamoah is the only reserve that could develop into a good starter. Adding good talent to the offensive line is rarely a bad move. Toss Moffitt into the mix with Albert, Lilja, Richardson, Asamoah and Wisniewski and we should be almost set for years on the offensive line. I considered OLB Wayne Daniels here, but I think we have enough depth at OLB compared to the offensive line.

Round 5, Pick 20 (148) Stevan Ridley Running Back LSU 6′ 0” 223 lbs

This is where things get very interesting. Ideally, I would love Ricky Stanzi (QB Iowa) or a fullback like Owen Marecic here. However, both players are too high on the draft board. Shaun Chapas is a nice blocking fullback from Georgia. He is a consideration here. Stevan Ridley is the pick here. He is a tough, between the tackles runner who lacks good top end speed. He does not fumble, is a patient runner and does well as a short yardage back. Plus, he is from the elite SEC conference. In round 5, he is a nice complement to Jamaal Charles.

Round 5, Pick 23 (151) Shaun Chapas Fullback Georgia 6′ 2” 245 lbs

Anyone want to see the Mike Cox, Tim Castille rotation next year? I don’t. The Chiefs have advanced to the point where taking a fullback makes sense. Chapas is coming off of a ankle injury. If he checks out medically, he can be a fine addition to the Chiefs. He is a traditional style fullback. Chapas is a very good lead blocker, picks up blitzes well and can chip in as a receiver and a short yardage back. In round 5, this is good value.

Round 7, Pick 21 (212) Mario Harvey Strong Inside Linebacker Marshall 6′ 0” 250 lbs

Round 7 picks are real crapshoots. Harvey is an active, big hitter with some pass rushing moves. His lack of speed will limit him a bit. He is best suited for a 3-4 defense. In round 7, he comes in to push Corey Mays for the right to back up Jovan Belcher.

OK, Addicts. Feel free to comment and head over to Draft Tek, examine the big board and post your own Chiefs mock in the comments!