Former Chief Jordan Black Is Back On The Market


Former Carl Peterson 5th round wonder pick, OT Jordan Black has been released by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I know what you’re thinking. The Chiefs need to cut Barry Richardson and sign Black immediately. In fact, they might as well cut Ryan O’Callaghan while they’re at it. They won’t need him.

Jordan Black is solid.

Jordan Black = Championship.

In all seriousness, I’m surprised Black has lasted this long in the league. He was just one of a long line of crappy late round picks by Carl Peterson that failed to develop. Peterson’s offensive line picks were so bad that not a single one remains on the Chiefs. Peterson left the Chiefs offensive line in a hole so deep that Scott Pioli is to this day trying to dig them out.

Oh, Chris Bober, Brett Williams, Jordan Black, Kevin Sampson…where have ye gone?

Hey, who knows? Maybe Black will finally develop. He is 31 now. I bet he’ll finally get it.

Come home Jordan and go turkey hunting with Will Shields again.