Open Mic Night


Tomorrow will conclude the 2010-2011 NFL season.  The Green Bay Packers will face off against the Pittsburg Steelers in a showdown between a quarterback with an awesome last name (Rodgers), and a quarterback who probably should be in prison (Roethlisberger).  All jokes aside, this is an old school match between two of the NFL’s storied franchises.  Will Green Bay shrug the Favre monkey off of it’s back, or will Pittsburg add to it’s lead of championship titles?  Most importantly, as Chiefs fans, how much does any of this matter?

The rest of the NFL media may have been focused on the aforementioned teams, but here at AA we have continued to give you the best Chiefs news on the internet.* Patrick started out the week talking about how the Pro Bowl was a good chance for Chiefs to get noticed, and Lyle took a closer look at the 2010 Chiefs offense.  Double D broke down the DVOA Assessment of the 2010 Chiefs offensive line, and Adam reviewed the South Players of the Senior Bowl on our first in a series of “Draft Thursdays.”  That’s right, we have an entire day devoted to draft coverage, so if you are a draft nut, or are just curious to see who the Chiefs will be looking at adding to their roster don’t forget to check us out on Thursdays.

We are going to have our Super Bowl Predictions up tomorrow, but I want to know who you think the key player is going to be in the game, and who you think will be the game MVP.

That’s all I have for tonight, hope everyone has a great night, and enjoy the game tomorrow!

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