Open Mic Night


The craziness of winter weather continues with a follow up storm of Snownami 2011 here in Oklahoma.  After receiving a record smashing 21 inches of snow here in my little town outside of Tulsa (the most in the state of Oklahoma this week) we received a follow up of 3-5 inches today, with 12-16 inches coming over the next 3 days.  I feel a little like Double D.  No matter how much of this shit I shovel to dig myself out it just keeps piling up.  Seriously, its worse than the snow job fans get from  the Chiefs PR squad.  Ah, failed attempts at humor.

As always, the featured articles here at AA did not disappoint.  Big Matt opened up the week with his 2010 “I Was Wrong Awards” baking himself a huge humble pie and inviting all of us to have a slice for ourselves.  Victor’s Quick Slant column was a fantastic read about Super Bowl IV and was linked to Pro Football Talk, way to go Victor!  I followed up by voicing my frustrations with the CBA arguments between the players and owners, and Merlin started out our first in a series of “Draft Thursdays” with the Senior Bowl review of the North players.  Finally, Jeremy closed out the week with his Chief Concerns about free agent wide receivers in 2011.

If you missed any of these reads I suggest you follow the links to catch up on some good ol’ fashioned off-season Chiefs talk.  This weekend of course being the NFL’s Championship weekend, I would like to throw out a couple of Super Bowl related questions for discussion.  This being the 45th super bowl, and (ouch) being the 41st championship since the Chiefs won, how many years removed do you think the Chiefs are from their next appearance?  With a cold weather Super Bowl upcoming in New York outdoors, do you expect that the big game will ever come to KC?  I am personally glad that crazy rolling roof was never approved.  It may cost us the opportunity of having a championship, but I like the cold weather games, and the rolling roof over the two stadiums just sounded like science fiction anyways.

Anyone affected by the storm please be safe and conscientious while driving.  Have a great night, I’m out!