According to's Chris Mortens..."/>

According to's Chris Mortens..."/>

Chiefs Name Bill Muir Offensive Coordinator


According to’s Chris Mortenson, the Kansas City Chiefs have named their offensive line coach Bill Muir the team’s new offensive coordinator.

This is exactly what I expected to happen. I mentioned before the Senior Bowl that the delay in the announcement meant that either the Chiefs were waiting for a staff member of one of the playoff teams to be eliminated or that they planned to promote someone already on the staff to the position. It appears it was the latter.

The move makes sense and it also explains why the Chiefs were in no hurry to make an announcement. I figured the Chiefs would either promote Muir or Mo Carthon. The issue with these two is that neither of them is an experienced play caller, meaning it is likely head coach Todd Haley will be calling the plays next season.

I’ll have more on Muir in just a bit.