Kansas City Chiefs Have One More Game To Play


The Kansas City Chiefs have a game this weekend.

Sort of.

With last night’s news that Tamba Hali and Eric Berry (or Hali Berry as they are being referred to in the interwebs) have been added to the Pro Bowl roster for the AFC, the Chiefs now have 6 players on the team. 4 on offense and 2 on defense.

On offense, it is possible that the QB, RB, WR and G on the field at one time could all be Chiefs. That is a lot of Arrowheads for an 11-man offense.

On defense the Chiefs will have a presence up front with Hali and in the backfield with Berry.

With so many Chiefs in action this Sunday we might as well treat this as a game week. We’ll have a little bit of fun by bringing back our “Keys To Victory” series and our game day picks. We’ll also do our live game chat and pass out arrowheads one last time for the 2010/11 season.

So it’s game week Addicts! Which of the 6 Chiefs on the AFC squad do you think will have the biggest impact on Sunday’s game?