AA Commenter Leader Board Gets A Face Lift


You may be a big Kansas City Chiefs fan but are you a top Arrowhead Addict?

We’re always looking for ways to reward and recognize our readers and one method we implemented a couple of months ago was the AA Commenter Leader Board. Displayed on the right sidebar, the top 10 AA commenters for the year will have their names proudly displayed on the front page of Arrowhead Addict.

After finally figuring our exactly how it works some painstaking tinkering I was able to remove some of the staff members who were appearing on the leader board.

The board is now called “Top Addicts” and it will continue to keep track of the most prolific commenters on AA throughout the year. It isn’t too late to get into the game, though as you know, you must now register to comment on this site as well as to have your comments counted.

Here are your Top Addicts three weeks into 2011!

Top Addicts

Our most prolific voices.

  1. Warpaint Denny (104)
  2. moxy (96)
  3. chiefsjunkie1971 (56)
  5. KC Oracle (50)
  6. Trey @ Washington (43)
  7. chiefsfanatic (41)
  8. Danny W (32)
  9. TrappedInDonkeyland (27)
  10. Nemoi (24)

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