Report: Raiders Hire Hue Jackson


The Oakland Raiders have reportedly hired their 2010 offensive coordinator Hue Jackson to be the team’s new head coach, according to a report from

The Raiders stirred up a bit of controversy when they fired head coach Tom Cable after the team returned to respectability in 2010 by finishing 8-8 after years of being one of the league’s doormats.

There are some who believe the Oakland turnaround was more due to Jackson’s coordinating than anything Cable was doing. Jackson received interest from the San Fransisco 49ers for their head coaching job. It is believe that Oakland owner Al Davis had his hand forced by the 49ers interview and so he hastily fired Cable in an effort to avoid losing Jackson.

I’m not sure how responsible Jackson is for Oakland’s offensive success this season. I tend to feel that Oakland’s offensive surge had more to do with the fact that they were no longer held down by the considerable weight of Jamarcus Russel than Jackson’s brilliant play calling but that is of course, just speculation.

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Jackson is probably the best choice for the Raiders to replace Cable. He has already spent a year with the team and so the Raiders should be able to keep some continuity rather than having an outsider come in and blow up the team.

Whether or not Jackson was the right choice will be found out in time. The Raiders, like the rest of the AFC West, face a much tougher schedule in 2011. If Oakland can take another step forward next year there will be no doubt that Jackson was the man for the job.

What do you think Addicts? Do you think the Raiders did the right thing by hiring Jackson or should they have stuck with Cable?