KC Chiefs Face League’s Third Toughest Schedule In 2011


The Kansas City Chiefs made quick turnaround in 2010 thanks to improvements in personnel and a soft schedule, however in 2011, they won’t have the NFL’s weaker teams to pick on.

After having the leagues easiest schedule in 2010 the Chiefs will have the third highest strength of schedule entering the 2011 season. Only the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers will have it tougher. The Chiefs share the third highest strength of schedule with the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The SOS heading into the season, however, is not always an indication of how difficult a team’s schedule will be. For instance, the Chiefs entered the season ranked 23rd in strength of schedule but finished with the 32nd thanks to drop offs in play by teams like the San Diego Chargers, San Fransisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals.

The lesson here is that you can never tell how a team is going to perform from one year to the next in the NFL. Still, while there may be some drop off, the Chiefs will most certainly face a more difficult road than they did in 2010 and the only way they will be able to navigate that road is to improve and build upon what the did this year.

The full strength of schedule for the 2011 season is after the jump.

1. Carolina Panthers142-114-0.555
2. Buffalo Bills137-119-0.535
3t. New York Jets*133-123-0.520
3t. Indianapolis Colts*133-123-0.520
3t. Jacksonville Jaguars133-123-0.520
3t. Kansas City Chiefs*133-123-0.520
3t. San Diego Chargers133-133-0.520
3t. Denver Broncos133-123-0.520
3t. Detroit Lions133-123-0.520
10t. Miami Dolphins132-124-0.516
10t. Houston Texans132-124-0.516
10t. Minnesota Vikings132-124-0.516
13t. Green Bay Packers*130-126-0.508
13t. New Orleans Saints*130-126-0.508
15t. New England Patriots*129-127-0.504
15t. Philadelphia Eagles*129-127-0.504
15t. Dallas Cowboys129-127-0.504
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers127-129-0.496
19t. Cleveland Browns126-130-0.492
19t. Oakland Raiders126-130-0.492
19t. New York Giants126-130-0.492
19t. Atlanta Falcons*126-130-0.492
23t. Tennessee Titans125-131-0.488
23t. Chicago Bears*125-131-0.488
23t. Seattle Seahawks*125-131-0.488
26. St. Louis Rams122-134-0.477
27t. Pittsburgh Steelers*121-135-0.473
27t. Cincinnati Bengals121-135-0.473
27t. Washington Redskins121-135-0.473
30. San Francisco 49ers119-137-0.465
31. Baltimore Ravens*117-139-0.457
32. Arizona Cardinals113-143-0.441