Chiefs Source On Fescoe Report: Outright Lies


Yesterday we told you that Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports reported that he received a text message from some guys at an unnamed pizza shop. The text claimed that Charlie Weis told the employees and patrons of the pizza shop that Todd Haley stripped him of his play calling duties in the second hale of Sunday’s playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. Fescoe claimed he received these text message from a couple of sources.

Well late last night, Adam Schefter of reported via a source inside the Chiefs organization that Fescoe’s report was “just outright lies.”

Obviously there is no proof either way. Even if Weis did go on some sort of rant in a pizza joint after the game, I would expect the Chiefs to deny it.

The problem here is that Fescoe’s report was from a ridiculous and unreliable source. Now say what you will about Fescoe for reporting it, and I agree that it was an irresponsible report, but he was honest about his source. If others took that report and ran with it without getting all the details that is on them. Pro Football Talk wrote a scathing response ripping Fescoe after they passed on his report without getting all the details.

What is most concerning is whether or not Fescoe just made the whole thing up. As it stands, text messages and second hand reports are not reliable so we’ll likely never know.