Haley, Weis And The Pizza Of Controversy


The Kansas City Chiefs may be out of the playoffs but the action around the team continued today when Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports reported that Haley stripped Weis of his play calling duties in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

I held off on reporting Fescoe’s claim because I was at work and wasn’t able to hear the actual report that was given on the radio. Later, Pro Football Talk reported Fescoe’s claim but I was still weary of posting it without hearing the original and also because I was picking up on some claims that the information might be flimsy.

Looks like that may have been a good call. From Pro Football Talk:

Appearing on one of the station’s other shows, Fescoe explained that he received two text messages from patrons of a pizza shop that Weis supposedly frequents. (Fescoe refused to name because he didn’t want to give the place “free advertising.”) According to the persons who sent Fescoe text messages, Weis was openly stating in the unnamed pizza place that the play-calling duties had been yanked from him at halftime.

Fescoe didn’t hear it from Weis, but from two folks who texted him to say that Weis was saying it. And Fescoe then went with it without getting a comment from Weis or from the Chiefs.

From profootballtalk.nbcsports.com (share this quote)

Not a good day for Bob Fescoe and 610 Sports.