Ed Reed’s Brother Missing


Baltimore Ravens All-Pro safety Ed Reed’s brother is has been missing since yesterday after jumping into the Mississippi River in an attempt to evade police.

The police on the scene said that they saw a head and arms come above the water, go under and not come up again.

I have been avoiding this story somewhat because I don’t want it to look like Chiefs Nation is rooting for a tragedy for the Reed family in order to help their team’s chances in a football game. I would not be doing my job, however, if I did not alert you all of the situation.

At this time the Ravens are unsure is Mr. Reed is going to travel with the team to Kansas City today at 2PM (EST). This is obviously a very difficult time for Reed and I am sure that Ed will do what he feels is best for his family. The Ravens are reportedly going to support whatever decision Reed makes in regards to whether or not he will play.

We will likely know in a couple of hours whether or not Reed travels with the team so stay tuned for that information.

All of us here at Arrowhead Addict send our thoughts out to Ed and the Reed family and we hope this situation has a positive ending.