Arrowhead Addict Playoff Prediction Thread


Each week here at Arrowhead Addict the staff has picked the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs game. Today we are going to switch things up by picking all of the playoff games. The staff will pick each game throughout the playoffs and we will keep track of records so that after the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, we can crown an Arrowhead Addict Staff Champion.

We encourage you all to get in on the action as well by giving us your picks in the comments. We’ll tally them up and declare an AA Reader Playoff Champion as well. Think you can pick the games better than the AA staff?Prove it.

Let’s get started after the jump.


Saints 16, Seahawks 6

The forecast calls for rain and it will slow the Saints passing attack a bit but they will still win. The Seahawks went 7-9 in the NFC West. They are a bad, bad football team.

Jets 28, Colts 24

The Jets will win in similar fashion to the way they beat the Chargers last year. They’ll run the Colts ragged and play tough D. Peyton will fall just short this year.

Ravens 16, Chiefs 17

Hang on to your hats. This one is going to be close. I think this one will be a bit of a defensive battle with the Chiefs squeaking out a win. Go Chiefs!

Packers 21, Eagles 34

I don’t think the Packers are ready for the Mike Vick experience.

Adam T:

Saints 35, Seahawks 17

Wait … is this actually a playoff game?  Then what are the Seahawks doing here?

Colts 24, Jets 21

The Peyton Manning’s manage to squeak by the Jets because Mark Sanchez’s shoulder injury doesn’t make him a better quarterback.

Ravens 21, Chiefs 14

The Chiefs struggle against top defenses.  Actually, I predicted it this way so that even if the Chiefs lose, there is still a silver lining in that I was right.

Packers 24, Eagles 20

The Packers beat the Eagles once this season already.  I’ve seen nothing to convince me that the outcome should be any different from last time.


Saints 31, Seahawks  6

Congrats to the Hawks on clinching their division. Time to get ready for the draft.

Jets 14, Colts 28

Colts still have Manning, and the Jets still have a mopey Sanchez.

Ravens 17, Chiefs 20

Ravens offense is not firing on all cylinders, and the Arrowhead noise and faithful will cause them to sputter.

Packers 31, Eagles 24

Packers  are a better  team . They  stop just 2 players, Deshean Jackson and Michael  Vick with the ageless  Charles Woodson and GEICO  caveman  Clay Matthews.


Saints 27, Seahawks 20


After all the fuss about a 7-9 team making the playoffs, the hawks actually give the defending champs a run for their money.


Jets 20, Colts 31


Peyton Manning makes me very happy by silencing Rex Ryan for the rest of the playoffs.


Ravens 16, Chiefs 20

Fueled by the power of Arrowhead, the Chiefs defense plays their best game of the season and Cassel, Charles, and the gang reward them with a solid but not spectacular performance.

Packers 27, Eagles 24

Aaron Rodgers carries the offense on his back and the GD defense does just enough to contain Mike Vick.



Saints 31, Seahawks 20

With a semi-inspired performance from Matt Hasselbeck and great kick returns, Seattle keeps it close–they may even lead at halftime–but Seahawks miscues (and Drew Brees) push the Saints ahead and out of reach in the second half.

Jets 20, Colts 17

Peyton Manning’s grit–but also, a pick or two–keep the outcome in doubt until the final seconds, and the game ends in controversy when Adam Vinatieri’s potential tying field goal is blocked by an unidentified member of the Jets coaching staff.

Ravens 17, Chiefs 24

Cassel gets back on track, and Charles gets outside–but a third-quarter Derrick Johnson pick-six is the momentum-changing play
of the game and ultimate difference in the outcome.

Packers 31, Eagles 37, OT

In their first test, the NFL’s new playoff overtime rules are rendered irrelevant by a restored (physically, if not reputationally) Michael Vick, who scores on a 36-yard TD run on the first OT possession.

Big Matt:

Seahawks 28, Saints 21

I like people from Seattle (although I hate the “12th man”), so I’m gonna go ahead and pick the stupid upset here.  Plus I want to see last year’s champion fail, because I’m bitter and jealous.


Jets 17, Colts 13

I believe the Jets can frustrate Peyton, and I absolutely love to see him frustrated.  Watching him whine is like watching Shawn Smith at the bottom of the pile: a perverse delight.


Chiefs 35, Ravens 10

Go big or go home.  I’m scared of this game, but I’m also becoming strangely confident.  I think maybe its because of that vision I had where Jesus told me we were going to win.


Packers 31,  Eagles 13

I have a vague antipathy towards the entire NFC East.  Given the chance, I always pick against anyone in that division



Saints 35,  Seahawks 10

Saints rain bombs on the Seahawks.


Jets 21,  Colts 24

Pissy-face Peyton squeaks by the mouth of Gotham.


Ravens 17, Chiefs 14

The Chiefs need their ‘A’ game and a fortunate bounce or two to win.


Packers 27, Eagles 17

Clay Matthews puts quarterback dog killer in the kennel.


Saints 35, Seahawks 3

Saints throw some hawkmeat in their gumbo and put an end to the Seahawk homefield advantage bs for good. Sorry , Seattle is not and never will be Kansas City.

Jets 35, Colts 28

Jets put their sexual harassment and fetishes on hold,  get their act together, and frustrate Payton Manning.

Chiefs 20, Ravens 13

The Arrowhead Advantage returns with a passion, and Randy drives home with leftover Arthur Bryants and big big expectations for next year. Resolved that this will be the last game at Arrowhead for this season.

Eagles 42, Packers 35

Packers still haven’t recovered from losing a prime Favre.

Double D:

Saints 31, Seahawks 13

Neither the return abilities of Leon Washington and Golden Tate, nor Seattle’s crowd noise will keep the Saints from marching in and marching right on through.

Jets 21, Colts 23

The Colts, down by a point, get the ball on their own 20 with 1:43 left on the clock.

Ravens 27, Chiefs 3

This is how the Chiefs season ends; not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Packers 17, Eagles 24

A tough call to make but the combination of Michael Vick’s mobility, DeSean Jackson’s playmaker cred, and the Eagles very sound defense ought to be enough to carry the day.