Will Kevin Curtis Play?


The Kansas City Chiefs signed veteran WR Kevin Curtis today when they placed WR Donald Washington on injured reserve.

I find this signing very interesting. The Chiefs have not brought in a lot of players from the outside this season. For the most part, if the Chiefs had to release a player or move a player to IR, they have promoted practice squad players or brought back players that had been with the team in training camp.

Furthermore, the Chiefs chose not to bring a safety to the active roster to take Washington’s place, but a receiver. I’ve been saying since training camp that the Chiefs were dangerously thin at WR and things have gotten even worse with the poor play of Chris Chambers and the slow development and injury problems with Dexter McCluster. The Chiefs have tried out guys like undrafted rookie Verran Tucker, however the rookie, while displaying boatloads of potential and special teams ability, failed to get open on a consistent basis when given more playing time.

The Oakland Raiders proved last week that if a defense can keep Dwayne Bowe in check and slow KC’s running game that the Chiefs offense can be contained.

So can Curtis, who has played in one NFL game all season and has one catch for 6-yards make an impact in…4 days for the Chiefs, in the playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens?

While it sure doesn’t seem likely, it isn’t out of the question. The Chiefs would have to have Curtis running vanilla routes as there obviously isn’t time for him to get comfortable with the playbook but don’t rule him out as being valuable.

Curtis has speed and experience and that can’t hurt the Chiefs when trying to back off the Ravens defense that will be looking to stop the run.

Then again, there is also a pretty good chance Curtis doesn’t even see the field Sunday.

But why would the Chiefs bother picking up a guy the week of a playoff game if they didn’t think he could help them in the playoffs?

It is a curios situation to be sure. What do you think?