Arrowhead Adventures! Who Do You Play Next Week Idiot?


Something started to feel wrong as we hit heavy traffic coming into see the Kansas City Chiefs play the hated Raiders at our beloved Arrowhead.  Something didn’t seem right at all…

I had my doubts about a Raiders win at home for weeks prior to this game, but that thought left when we were handed the division title by our good friends in San Diego.  The Raiders played good. We played bad. Oh well, that can (or possibly should) be expected from a young team that reversed its record in such a short time.

“Who do you play next week?” my friend Rick would casually say as Raiders fans on the parking lot shouted “six and oh!” on the parking lot after the game. Not much of an accomplishment in my opinion, in one of the worst divisions in the league.

The only really awesome part of Sunday was the return of Marty S to recieve his induction  into the Chiefs Hall of Fame. Congratulations Marty!

My thoughts turned to who we would play next and when on the way home from the stadium.

Some things I got wrong about this game:

1. Traffic would be light. Traffic was horrible. It took an hour to get from the front gate to our seats.

2. This game would feel much warmer than last Sunday’s high of 18 degrees. Wrong again! It seemed like I was sitting bare assed on a  block of ice.

3. Matt and Dwayne would rack up some points. Didn’t happen. Matt seemed to be off on his passes, Dwayne seemed to drop more than he had been lately. All this with Richard Seymour not even in the game.

4. Jamaal Charles would  score right in front of my seat and I would give him a big bear hug as he completed his usual “Lambeau Leap” in my corner, all this would be on the Jumbotron and national television. Wrong again, but I got close this time. He hit the wall about 100 feet to my left.

5. The Chiefs are going to just keep getting better and better. Steadily better maybe, but there are going to be some big setbacks. Sure Sunday was a meaningless game in may aspects. But it was also a wake up call to our teams youth and inexperience.

6. A division win is enough for 2010. It’s not. It feels good but it’s not the ultimate goal.

So as we cruise into our first post season game (one we have a chance to win in my opinion),  please know your Arrowhead Adventurer as well as many of the AA staffers will be making the trek to Arrowhead for what looks to be a packed stadium . As usual, I’ll dutifully report the good, the bad and the ugly events that always happen at the greatest NFL stadium in the world. See you there!

In the meantime, what did you think about Sundays game and what are your thoughts for Sunday?