There are some rumors swirling about that Kansas City Chiefs offensiv..."/>

There are some rumors swirling about that Kansas City Chiefs offensiv..."/>

Weiss Leaving Chiefs For Florida?


There are some rumors swirling about that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss could leave the team after this season to take the offensive coordinator job at Florida.

This business started last week when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Weiss could leave KC for another job and that he would be replaced by Josh McDaniels.

Then, Pat Dooley down in Florida who works for the Gainesville Sunreported that he is hearing there is a chance Weis could be a leading candidate to take over as the Florida Gators offensive coordinator.

Specifically, here is what Dooley said:

"“In terms of Florida’s Offensive Coordinator, if you’re driving in your car, I want you to pull over. When I say this, you’re going to freak out. I think this is going to happen but I don’t know that it’s going to happen. That’s why you won’t see it in the paper (Gainesville Sun) tomorrow unless I get another source on it.”“I’ve heard this from some people in the NFL, that that’s going on. My first reaction was, ‘are you kidding me, why would Charlie Weis leave Kansas City to go to Florida in the same job’? … Wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.”"

I’ll tell you why I think it is all crap, after the jump.

Let’s start with Moretnson’s credibility. Keep in mind that Mort is the guy who said over a year ago that Mike Shannahan was virtually guaranteed to be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. His now sidekick, Adam Schefter, totally shot down Mort’s report and we later learned that “Ol’ Ratface” was never coming to KC.

Part of Moretnson’s deal is trying to break big stories and get the inside scoop on what is about to happen in the NFL. I imagine he has some very good sources but I also am willing to be that a lot of guessing goes in to what he does. Mort see’s the Chiefs doing well on offense, he knows a lot of NFL head coaching jobs are about to open up so maybe he figures one of them will be offered to Weis. Thus, instead of doing any actual reporting he says something lame and vague like “don’t be surprised if Weis is not back in Kansas City next year.”

Well how about this:

Don’t be surprised if Kansas City wins the Super Bowl this year. Or in the next 5 years.
Don’t be surprised if people get so sick of hearing Mort’s half-assed, bogus speculative “reporting” that they stop watching ESPN all together. In fact, if most of the nation could get NFL Network, they probably would.

As for Dooley’s report, it makes about as much sense as Romeo Crennel entering a swimsuit competition. Weis leaving KC for another head coaching job in the pros or in college is one thing, but leaving to take over a the offensive coordinator job at a college would just be stupid.

Lastly, Weis made a commitment to Scott Pioli to come take over this job in KC and maybe make another run at a Super Bowl. It would be pretty crappy for him to bail on everyone for the same job at a lower level.

I think this Dooley guy heard Mort’s report and is throwing a load of crap against a wall hoping it will stick.

Update: As I am writing this article, ESPN is reporting Weis will be offered the Florida job and that he will accept it.

It now looks like these two (Mort and Doooley) are stoking each others fire. ESPN has just filed that they have heard from two sources that Weis will be offered the Florida job and that he will accept it.

Todd Haley was asked about the reports this afternoon and he said that it was the first he was hearing of the rumors, though as Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star pointed out, Haley did not deny the reports. Then again, if it really was the first he was hearing of them, why would he deny it?

I could be totally wrong on this. More could be right Dooley could be right and Weis could be on his way out. It just doesn’t make sense to me so I am not going to believe it until it is confirmed.

Now that Mort has gone on the line with this, it will be another big embarrassment for him if he is wrong so perhaps this is really happening.

If Weis does depart, I find it even harder to believe the Chiefs would hire McDaniels, a guy Todd Haley clearly doesn’t like. Then again, Pioli makes these decisions, not Haley. Still, I can’t imagine Todd would be thrilled abut it.

Help me out here Addicts. What do you think? Will Weis really leave? Will the Chiefs bring in McDaniels?