The Top 10 Reasons Why The Kansas City Chiefs Are AFC West Champs


The Kansas City Chiefs are AFC West Champs.

I know you already know this, I just love how it sounds.

There are hundreds of factors that have helped to shape this team and their division title run. This week I have tried to narrow it down to the top ten. I spent most of my time and thoughts on who made the top ten and not as much on the order so feel free to debate all of the above.

The list itself is after the break.

10. Corner Backs Named Brandon. Everyone knows that Brandon Flowers is turning into a great player. What most people don’t know is that Brandon Carr is becoming a very good corner in his own right. Carr’s 24 passes defended is the fourth most in the NFL.

9. The Offensive Line. The Chiefs have the number one rushing attack and 5th fewest sacks allowed in the NFL.

8. Tamba Hali. Hali has 12 sacks thus far. Gilberry, Studebaker, Edwards, Dorsey, Smith, Jackson, DJ, Belcher, and Vrabel have combined for 16. Tamba is the only reason we have a consistent pass rush.

7. The Arrowhead Advantage. The Chiefs are 7-0 at home this year.

6. The Rookie Class. Eric Berry is fantastic. Dexter McCluster beat the Chargers with his punt return in week one. Javier Arenas is contributing as a returner and nickel back. Tony Moeaki can block and catch, and Kendrick Lewis has probably been the best value pick of all.

5. The Chargers and Raiders choked away games against the NFC West and the Chiefs didn’t. The Chargers lost to the Rams and Seahawks. The Raiders lost to the Cardinals and 49ers. The Chiefs finished 4-0 against the worst division in football.

4. Jamaal Charles. He is a freak, period.

3. Matt Cassel. Cassel has developed from someone who was holding the offense back to the unquestioned leader of this team.

2. Clark Hunt hired Scott Pioli to be the Chief’s GM. Bottom line, KC has the best owner / GM combo in the division and it is starting to show on the field.

1. The Coaching Staff. Todd Haley’s attitude and work ethic combined with Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel and all their expertise have yielded great results on the field. They are making the Chiefs a true team and are getting better results out of the players on the field then ever before.

Honorable Mentions: Dwayne Bowe – leads the league with 15 TDs. Derrick Johnson – 116 tackles, 16 passes defended, 4 forced fumbles, a sack, and an interception returned for a TD. Josh McDaniels – he took a team that was a playoff contender and ran them into the ground.

So what do you think addicts? Did I leave someone off? Is my order all wrong? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks again for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!