Broncos’ Lloyd To Former Teams: “(Bleep) You.”


There haven’t been a lot of highlights for the Denver Broncos this season but emergence WR Brandon Lloyd was certainly one of the bright spots.

Lloyd was rewarded for his excellent play this season with an invitation to the NFL Pro Bowl. Lloyd’s reaction?

“(Bleep) you!”

The Broncos receiver was asked by the media if there was anything he would like to say to his former teams in San Francisco, Washington and Chicago that may not have believed in his ability in the past.

Here is Lloyd’s exact quote courtesy of the Denver Post:

"Half-good naturedly, half-seriously, Lloyd said: “”Yeah, there is something I’d like to say to them: “(Bleep) you.” I mean that in the most professional way.’’After about 3 seconds of stunned silence, Broncos media relations director Patrick Smyth jumped into the call: “”Anything else for Brandon, guys? I have receivers coach Adam Gase here …”"

Oops. Perhaps Lloyd and Shaun Smith can get together and share tips about how to get one’s foot out of one’s own mouth.