Chiefs’ DE Shaun Smith Calls Out Ochocinco


Kansas City Chiefs DE Shaun Smith may be about to find himself in trouble.

He just tweeted the following to Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco:

"autumnsjs90 shaun smith@ochocinco who told u to write about me in your book fag"

You may remember Larry Johnson getting fined and then cut for using homophobic slurs on Twitter. I don’t think it will come to that but don’t be surprised if Smith gets fined for this.

Smith is known for his trash talking but he usually does his mouth running on the football field and not on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Smith has been in hot water. Back when he played for Romeo Crennel and the Browns he punched then QB Brady Quinn in the face and this season he was accused of grabbing opposing players genitals on multiple occasions. The league tried to fine Smith for the alleged genital grabbing but the DE won his appeal because the video evidence was inconclusive.

I just don’t see any way that the NFL looks kindly upon this. Not a smart move for Smith to make the day after the Chiefs clinch the AFC West.

Update: Smith isn’t finished tweeting. I guess I will just keep adding them until it is over.

Ocho responded:

"ochocinco Chad Ochocinco@autumnsjs90 you the one grabbing peoples pee pee under the pile not me you, your new name is the pee pee snatcher, LMAO"

Then Smith:

"autumnsjs90 shaun smith@ochocinco never don t believe the hype u dont want this problem on your hand so u better check your self before u get wreck lamo"

"autumnsjs90 shaun smith@ochocinco u are mad cause i told the truth about what happen that day in the locker room"

Then Ocho again:

"ochocinco Chad Ochocinco@autumnsjs90 no I can’t remember what happen but I’m still here, let me a ticket to a playoff game or something shh!!"

Then Smith:

"autumnsjs90 shaun smith@ochocinco go play COD better yet go run some routes and suck your thumb chump"

"autumnsjs90 shaun smith@ochocinco playoffs i sell u a ticket and show u what team is about since u didnt have that in your book"

"autumnsjs90 shaun smith@ochocinco and i thank carson and rome 89 for their performance yesterday n the defense for beating the chargers go clean them bronze teeth"

Though he doesn’t call out Ochocinco by name, Smith later tweeted this:

"autumnsjs90 shaun smithu use to be the homie now i want to slap the taste out your mouth"