Chiefs vs. Titans: Game Day Inactives


The Kansas city Chiefs have released their list of inactive players for today’s game against the Tennessee Titans. Thankfully, there are no surprises.

WR Quinten Lawrence, S Donald Washington, FB Mike Cox, S Reshard Langford, LB Charlie Anderson, C Rudy Niswanger, NT Anthony Toribio and QB Tyler Palko. Palko will be the emergency QB.

I am sort of interested that Donald Washington is inactive. If your read this web site you know I think Washington is garbage. Last week he tackled Dexter McCluster on special teams. That may be the reason he will be riding the pine today. Once Washington loses his value as a special teams player he pretty much loses his value.

On the plus side, Verran Tucker has been outstanding on special teams in recent weeks so look for him to step up today.

* Correction: Washington is actually out with injury, he was not benched. Still though, he sucks so it is no loss.