5 Keys To Beating The Titans


The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to get a late Christms present from the Cincinnatti Bengals tomorrow but first, they have to reward themselves by beating the Tennessee Titans.

That will be easier said than done. The Titans may have a 6-8 record but they have a number of talented players that could hurt the Chiefs if KC lets their guard down.

After the jump, let’s take a look at my 5 keys to beating the Titans.

1. Man up

The Titans have a number of weapons but none are more dangerous than RB Chris Johnson. If the Chiefs can play man coverage on the Tennessee receivers successfully then they can put enough men in the box to likely contain Johnson. If the Chiefs DB’s can’t cover their men, however, it could be a long day in Kansas City.

2. If Jamaal can’t do it…

The time to limit Jamaal Charles’ touches is through. The Chiefs have handled their star RB pretty well this season and he should have plenty left in the tank for a playoff run. December is the time of year to get your best players involved. The more touches the Chiefs can’t get Jamaal Charles over their next two games, the better chance they have of winning. It is time to go all in with Jamaal.

3. Keep Cassel cool…

QB Matt Cassel has had a very good season throwing the ball and while his yardage numbers are not eye popping, his efficiency is. Cassel’s leadership, along with his ability to avoid turnovers is a big reason the Chiefs areine drivers seat in the AFC West.

Teams are going to try to force the Chiefs to be one-dimensional by shutting down the run and it is up to Cassel to back them off in the passing game. The Chiefs offensive line needs to keep he heat off their QB and allow Cassel to keep a cool head and make smart decisions. Turnovers in December are season killers.

4. Get physical

The Titans defense has been struggling but they are a tough and sometimes dirty bunch of guys. The Chiefs have not dealt well with more physical teams this year so they need to come out fighting. If a defense like the Titans smells blood in the water you had better believe they will attack.

If the Chiefs can control things at the line of scrimmage they will control this game.

5. Get DJ going

Whatever the Chiefs fed Derrick Johnson last week before the game in St. Louis, they need to give him a double portion of it this week. Johnson had been fairly average after a fast start until last week. when Johnson plays like he did against the Rams, the Chiefs defense is tough to move the football against.

If Johnson pulls another disappearing act Sunday, Chris Johnson could have a big day running up the middle. The Chiefs need DJ to be a force.

There you have it Addicts. Those are my 5 keys to victory, what are yours?