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Open Mic Night


Here we go again with another Friday night, and the microphone is unoccupied on the best Kansas City Chiefs blog on the internet (yeah, that’s right, Google it).  Yes fellow friends, it is Open Mic Night here at AA, or as I refer to it “Super Fun Ultra Awesome Time!!!”  We have had a heck of a week as fans and as a site.  There have been up’s, there have been downs, and there have been eggs laid in San Diego, twice in one week.  Kansas City fans watched in horror and disgust as their newly found hero QB Matt Cassel sat on the sidelines, and second string QB Brodie Croyle took the field with a team that looked, well, atrocious.

After the fallout Big Matt put it out there that Brodie Croyle and the myth of the kid with the golden arm can be officially put to rest.  Victor followed up the next day and shrugged it off along with the Chiefs players and staff, acknowledging that the division goes to the team with the most wins, not the “best” team.  I posted about the remaining games for the Chiefs and proclaimed to the Chargers and world, “Catch us if you can!”  Adam kept pace with his article, and brought us home for the week saying that if the season came to the last game against the Raiders, that it would be exhilarating to watch the Chiefs battle for the division down the stretch.

So that’s the week in review here at Arrowhead Addict.  A couple of topics I want to throw out there:

Do you think that Cassel will play Sunday against the Rams (I hope so, I have tickets), and if he does not what do you think the game will look like for KC?

After the total decimation in San Diego last weekend, even if the Chiefs do win the division do you think they deserve to be in the playoffs?  The reason I ask is that I look at the NFC West and the fact that a team with a losing record could host a playoff game, and I don’t think any of them deserve that if they finish 7-9.  After that shutout, there are some serious questions  raised about the validity of this team as a playoff contender.