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Catch Me If You Can


We have had enough coverage of the loss Sunday by now right?  It was a hard loss, but in the grand scheme of things, a single loss nonetheless.  It is time to for us to push forward, to move on, to leave it in the past, to (insert positive motivational cliché).

The fact is the Kansas City Chiefs are still a game ahead of the Chargers in the AFC West.  Their remaining opponents have a combined record of 17-22, and if they can beat three teams with losing records (2 at home where they have not lost this year) the playoffs are guaranteed with no crazy mathematical formulas or bracket wizardry needed.  So things are still looking up.

I feel sorry for the Rams.  They are about to go up against a proud KC team that just got pummeled by a divisional opponent with an emerging QB fresh off an injury.  They are looking for blood.  The Rams are much improved from their 1-15 team from last year with the addition of Sam Bradford at QB, and Steven Jackson rushing for over 1000 yads, but they are not equipped to handle this team, especially this week.  Thinking about it reminds me of that scene in “My Cousin Vinny” where Joe Pesci decks the guy and rips his $200 out of his hand because he’s not in the mood to deal with any bullshit at that point in time.  Maybe I’m overly optimistic, and call me out if you think I am, but I think this is a week where the Chiefs are NTBFW.  Make room for the Governor’s Cup.

After the Rams the Chiefs head home to face the Titans.  The “we no longer have Vince Young” Titans.  I know no game is certain in the NFL, but I feel so much better about this game now.  I was looking at this game after the first quarter of the season thinking this would be the one game if any the Chiefs lost at Arrowhead.  Then Vince messed up his thumb and threw his uniform into the crowd, causing all sorts of unrest within the team.  He’s out for the year, and I couldn’t be happier (I have no shame in feeling good about the misfortunes of others in the NFL).  Since then the Titans have been horrible, and I don’t see any of that changing going into an Arrowhead crowd hungry for a playoff berth.  So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, goodbye!

The Raiders.  Ah the Raiders.  My most hated of all teams this side of the known universe.  Although some of my good friends are inexplicably Raiders fans (some born in raised in Kansas City no less) when I think about that team, I believe it exemplifies everything I find deplorable, cheap, despicable, shady, seedy, sleazy, and underhanded in the NFL.  What can I say?  I’m not a fan.  When Oakland comes into Kansas City, I’m sure that we will see a lot of traffic on AA from Raiders fans, which I don’t mind.  I hate the team, not the fans.  If I am correct, at this point in the season this game will decide the division, and the Raiders will be looking to spoil our playoff hopes like the haters that they are.  “Just because they’re a good team, they think they gotta be winning the division.”  Ok that was a horrible hater impression but I left it in because I thought it would make you laugh, at me.  The truth be told I know that the Raiders beat San Diego twice, and they beat us already, and they’re undefeated in the AFC West, but when it comes down to it they just won’t have the juice to come into our house in that environment and beat us.  It will be a close game, but we HATE them too much. They will drift silently into that good night under a maelstrom of dissention from the Arrowhead faithful and retire to their respective place among NFL teams that did not make the post season this year.  Thanks for playing, see ya later.

A couple of things I want to hear from you.  Are you nearly as optimistic as I am?  I am not a homer, but I do have a lot of faith in this team despite what just happened.  I want to hear from you all that think the exact opposite and are “ready to hit the panic button” like I was earlier this season.  Second, what do you make of the matchup next week at St. Louis?  I didn’t dig down into details because I am thinking more about the emotional state of the team at this point.  Double D will be on later with his breakdowns of what to look for from a statistical standpoint with his DVOA analysis, so stay tuned.  Third, there is a chance that the Chief’s could meet up with San Diego in the playoffs if some things fall out.  What would be your post season prediction if the Chiefs hosted a home game against the Chargers after this weeks old fashioned ass whoopin?

So this brings us full circle.  Would I have liked to win in San Diego or at least give them a run for their money?  You bet.  Do I think that the play of that game has any sort of meaning for the rest of the season?  No.  We were two games up going into the game Sunday.  Now we are up one.  The fate of the entire AFC West is still held firmly in the grip of the now humiliated and thusly pissed off Kansas City Chiefs.  So, San Diego, catch us if you can.