An Arrowhead Adventurers Predictions!


Here we sit 8-5, one game in front of the Chargers! How far we have come from an optimistic 8-8 prediction. How far we have to go….

What do I think will happen? Nothing but great things. How about you?

I love this picture of Coach Haley, because even though he has worked some miracles with only an infusion of raw talent and mostly the same defense that couldn’t stop a Mighty Might team from scoring two years ago, it’s just not enough for him. Well if it’s not enough to have a winning season for Coach Haley, it’s not enough for me. Besides, our Chiefs deserve a Division win. I think this year they are gonna get it.

So here we go with my late season predictions!

1. Matt will be back for the Rams game, and soon will be better than before surgery. Walking around with an infected appendix has got to keep you from peak performance.

2. I just paid for the first post season game, and I don’t think I’ll be applying for my money back. The Arrowhead advantage is truly back. I predict we win out, and I also predict a win in the first post season battle.

Beyond that, well anything is gravy.

My hopes for a great Chiefs season are to win all the home games, and half the road games.  After the last two years , I’m tickled with where we sit today.

Next year is looking better and better, with fresh draft picks.

What about it Addicts? What are your predictions ?