Ask D-Bowe


The Kansas City Chiefs got their behinds kicked by the San Diego Chargers Sunday 31-0.

This morning I woke up at 5 AM, in a foul mood, still brooding about the loss. I jumped on the subway, jumped on a bus and then jumped on a plane.

That is where I am at right now. Taking advantage of American Airlines’ on board wifi. Blogging from the sky. Got to love it.

I am sure you all, like me, are still reeling from yesterday’s humiliating loss. Still, the Chiefs are still in first place and if they can get their act together in a hurry, the playoffs are still a real possibility.

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The reason I am writing to you all from somewhere a few miles above Washington DC is because I am on my way to Dallas to cover a Nike event that will be attended by none other than our own Dwayne Bowe.

I don’t have all the details of the event yet but I do know that Bowe will be available to the media for questions. That is where you all come in.

Bowe doesn’t do a lot of interviews these days so this is something of a rare opportunity. Thus I thought I would ask the Addicts what they want me to ask D-Bowe tomorrow morning.

Feel free to use the comments of this post to submit questions. I have know idea how long I will have with Bowe or how many questions I will be able to fit in. It may only be a couple so make them count. We’ll chose a couple of the best ones and I will do my best to run them by D-Bowe. I’ll have video of the interview sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

If things are a little slower around AA for the next couple of days it is because I am traveling. You can expect your usual dose of feature articles from our fantastic writers and the staff will be keeping an eye on things while I am away.

Counting on you guys to keep the conversation going in the comments. Your thought and opinions are, after all, what makes AA great.

Have a great Monday everyone. Start lookign toward St. Louis.