Madden NFL 11 Roster Update Details


EA Sports has released the details of the latest Madden NFL 11 roster update and the Kansas City Chiefs keep getting better.

We’ll start with the bad news, which is minor. In a rare decrease, WR Dwayne Bowe dropped from a 92 overall to a 91. This is obviously due to Bowe’s 0 catch game last week against the Broncos.

The rest of the news is good. Matt Cassel increased from an 85 to an 87 overall after another solid game with no interceptions.

CB Brandon Carr saw a small increase after his fantastic game vs. Denver, moving from a 77 to a 78 overall.

LT Brandon Albert got a nice boost, moving from 85 to 88 overall.

Lastly, the Kansas City Chiefs as a team have been increased from an 82 to an 84 overall. Not bad considering they began the year ranked a 71.

It is nice to see so many Chiefs inching closer and closer to the 90’s. Full details are after the jump.

Mike RichardsonCBKCAdded
Dwayne BoweWRKCDecrease, from 92 to 91OVR
Brandon CarrCBKCIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Kansas City ChiefsTEAMKCIncrease, from 82 to 84OVR
Matt CasselQBKCIncrease, from 85 to 87OVR
Brandon AlbertOLKCIncrease, from 85 to 88OVR
Jackie BatesCBKCRemoved from game (injury)