When You Care Enough…


“What’s exciting to me as the head coach is we have a lot of guys that really care…These guys care and that is such a refreshing, positive thing out of this group… I’ve heard so many of our coaches, myself included, say this is a fun group to be around and coach, and it’s because they care.”

— Coach Todd Haley (December 5, 2010)

Yes, it’s true—this team cares. And ’tis the season when we all make a point to tell each other just how much we care. We double-check our holiday-card lists and we send the very best (or, in the case of Shaun Smith, reach out and touch someone). So I dug around in the Chiefs’ outgoing mailbag and here, with apologies to the good folks at Hallmark, are a few of the seasons greetings that I found…


Anthony Davis
c/o the San Francisco 49ers

Kind thoughts for you at Christmas, friend,
Though we’ve not spoken in awhile.
Of course, we’ve had our ups and downs,
And that “incident” in the pile.

I hope you’ll come to understand
That though you’re not a quarterback,
I just could not pass up that chance
To grab myself another sack.

Shaun Smith


Coach Steve Hoffman

A slap on the back? A pat on the tush?
Some guys high-five,
Some people shove.
Fine, I was mad when I gave you that push,
But know, deep inside,
I meant it with love.

Wishing the whole special teams staff a special season!

Barry Richardson



What is a friend?
A friend is someone you can depend on.
A friend is someone who listens.
A friend is someone you can laugh and cry with.
A friend is someone who cares.
A friend is someone who will quietly help you lead the league in rushing despite the constant calls for his demotion and not being able to go a single day without hearing about your own downright obscene 6.2 yards-per-carry average.

Happy Holidays, friend.



Josh McDaniels

So your season has come to an early end,
And now only memories will linger.
Lucky for you, you got it all on tape,
And that’s why I gave you the finger.

I am sorry I let my emotions run wild
It was wrong to snub you in public
For [expletive] sake, you are only a child
Look at that hoodie, look at that hat—
What are you, twelve?

[Expletive], this card doesn’t rhyme.

Todd Haley


Al Davis

I know that our relationship
Has always been complicated
Look at you—the years take their toll!
It’s not easy being hated.

But ‘tis the time for some goodwill
As we gather ‘round the table
For you and Dad were once quite close
Like brothers (well, Cain and Abel)

So here’s to you, Darth Vader, for
Even a Chiefs fan who’s drunk’ll
Admit this family’s not complete
Without our craziest uncle.

Happy Hanukkah, Uncle Al!

See you in a few weeks—so glad we can have you over at our place this time!

Clark Hunt and Family



Some quarterbacks have lots of receivers,
But you’re the only one for me.

All the best,

P.S. Were you at the game on Sunday? I thought we were supposed to hook up. Call me!


Ro-Ro and The Weis Man

So stoked to have you back in “The Family” this year.
Y’all are the only ones who know my freaky side!

Oh, and Papa Tuna says what up. NYE at his crib.
It’ll be like ’01 all over again!

P-Oli, out.


The San Diego Chargers

At this joyous time of year,
You are first in our hearts…
But third in our division.

How wonderful to be home for the holidays—
We’ll do our best to make sure you stay there.

Love to Phil and Norv,
The 2010 Kansas City Chiefs


So? Who else should receive greetings this season? What are some other Hallmark moments that you want to share?