NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs Move Up

facebooktwitterreddit has released their weekly Power Rankings and the Kansas City Chiefs are moving up following their victory

over the Denver Broncos.

The Chiefs moved up from #12 a week ago to #11, thanks mostly to their 3-game winning streak. There was no discrepancy in the voting this week as all four experts tanked the Chiefs #11 on their ballots.

KC remains the highest ranked AFC West team with their next opponent, the San Diego Chargers being the next closest at #14.

Curiously, the Chargers are ranked higher than the Oakland Raiders, a team that has beaten them twice and has the exact same record. How does that work? The folks at ESPN need to have their heads examined. If I were part of Raider Nation I’d throw myself off a bridge but before I did, I’d be mad about these power rankings.

Speaking of the Raiders, the sit two spots behind the Chargers at #16.

Bringing up the rear, as they have done most of the season, are the coachless Denver Broncos at #28.

What do you think Addicts? Are the Chiefs getting a fair shake here or have they earned their way to at least a top 10 ranking?