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Chiefs’ Haley Talks Seahawks


Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley talked with reporters today following the team’s victory over the Seattle Seahawks Sunday.

Haley had a number of interesting things to say regarding the game. One particularly interesting topic was that the Chiefs made some impromptu changes on offense during the game.

“There were plays, because of what was occurring in the game, where we had to draw a couple in the dirt that Matt and Dwayne, specifically, executed to perfection, which I don’t think you can make a living on but in my past experiences, when you can have a quarterback and a receiver that can do that, according to some of the things we’re seeing, that’s a really good sign, really good sign,” said Haley.

Interesting huh? Haley felt that the changes made life difficult for the Seahawks defense.

“The best way I can describe it is we became very hard to defend because of that combination along with the run game. We made it hard for the defense to be right yesterday and I think the more you can do that the better your chances of scoring point,” said Haley.

Haley went on to say that the Chiefs coaches noticed the Seahawks making changes to adjust to what the Chiefs were doing offensively. Upon noticing this, Haley saw a hole in the Seattle defense he felt the Chiefs could exploit. The play they drew up was the touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe along the sideline.

You have to like that the KC coaching staff is making necessary changes during the game to help the team get the victory. Hopefully they have a few ore tricks up their sleeves for the Broncs and Chargers.