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Spygate II: McDnaiels Fined, Scarnecchia Fired


The Denver Broncos have been investigated by the NFL for secretly videotaping a 49ers walk through practice.

The verdict: guilty.

Reports are pouring in via Twitter and it looks as though the employee who filmed the practice has been fired and that Broncos and head coach Josh McDaniels have been fined 50 thousand dollars each.

It looks as though this will be the extent of the punishment from the league.’s Jason LaCanfora has reported via Twitter that the NFL has told the Broncos that they will reopen the probe if any more information comes to light.

LaCanfora also reports that McDaniels claims to have never watched the 6 minute tape.

My reaction after the jump.

If firing the employee and a fine is all the punishment the Broncos get then the NFL is going to look very foolish. The Patriots lost a first rounder and their coach was fined 500k for video taping defensive signals on the sideline so that they could recognize them the next time they played the team. The Broncos actually filmed and opponent’s practice as they were going through their game plan!

How is that not worse than what the Patriots did?

And I don’t believe for a second that McDandiels didn’t watch that tape. Give me a break.