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Critics have said..."/>

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Chiefs’ Todd Haley Tears Tendon In The Name Of Coaching


Critics have said a lot of things about Todd Haley in his time in Kansas City but they will never be able to say he doesn’t care.

Earlier this week in an injury report we told you that Haley was apparently limping around quite badly at practice.

What happened?

Find out after the jump.

A couple of weeks ago at practice Haley got very upset with the defensive backs and how they were performing at practice. To make a point, Haley jumped from the sideline onto the practice field and intercepted a pass. He was trying to demonstrate to his players proper technique.

Haley caught the ball but that’s not all.

“I ripped a tendon right off the quad,” Haley said.

Ouch. That sounds really, really painful.

“But I caught the ball, and I didn’t miss a practice,” Haley said. “I was proud of that.”

Haley apparently required three hours of surgery to repair the injured leg. You have to love Haley for his passion and toughness.

I guess he ought to have the coaches taking part in pre-practice stretches.