AA Flashback: Arrowhead Addict Featured On The NFL Network


This story was originally posted on AA way back in September of 2008, long before I was working here. Back then, Adam and Zach Best (our blogfathers) were running the show here at Addict. I wanted to re-post this for a couple of different reasons.

First, I wanted to show you all that Arrowhead Addict has always been and always will be, about writers providing strong opinions whether they are popular or not. We go on the record here, even if we are seen as foolish. The Fansided Network is a place for the fans.

Lastly, we don’t forget here at AA and we wanted to give a big, fat I TOLD YOU SO to the folks at NFL Network. Adam doesn’t sound so crazy now, does he? Could you imagine how good the Eagles might be with Cowher as their coach as opposed the the always bumbling, one more doughnut away from his heart exploding, Andy Reid? Enjoy.

As you may have read, Arrowhead Addict was mentioned in some detail on the NFL Network‘s NFL GameDay Morning this morning. Before mentioning the Addict–along with the website GetBradyNow.comAlex Flanagan called Chiefs fans desperate and delusional. Um, did you expect us to be comfortable and content right about now? Then she went on to discuss the Brady Quinn rumors before moving on to the following discussion…

"AF: “This one even better now…another fan there is campaigning for (Bill) Cowher and Michael Vick in 2009. They want him in Kansas City. That on ArrowheadAddict.com. Michael Vick, of course, expected to get out of prison sometime in 2009, maybe between May and October. So, he could be ready.”Marshall Faulk: “I’m happy to see that somebody wants Michael Vick. That’s good to know. Even if it’s Kansas City right now, knowing they can’t get him.”Warren Sapp: “Does this person who wrote, does he now got a team or something, cause blah blah blah…”(Sorry, 99, I honestly couldn’t understand that gibberish you mumbled at the end there.)AF: “Cowher and Vick could be quite an interesting match-up, right?”WS: “Cowher and Vick–oh yeah.”Spero Dedes: “Is that how bad, though, it’s gotten in K.C.? I mean, they’re waiting for Mike Vick in 2009?”MF: “It’s not good. It’s not good.”WS: “It can’t be good.”"

First off, it’s pretty to cool to have our site mentioned on the NFLN. Second, Flanny’s gotta be the hottest chick who’s ever read one of my pieces. Third, it’s not every day two Hall of Famers crack up over your post. Fourth, I wanted to get the fans and media (preferably mainstream) talking about how bad things are in K.C., and that we’re already ready to move on to a new coach and quarterback. Mission accomplished.

Thanks to our readers for helping us get noticed! If anyone can find this online or has it taped, shoot us an e-mail and you’ll instantly become our personal hero.