Chiefs’ Haley Apologizes To McDaniels, Broncos


Todd Haley has taken a lot of heat today for his behavior following the beating his Kansas City Chiefs suffered at the hands of the Denver Broncos Sunday.

After the game, Haley refused to shake Denver coach Josh McDaniels’ hand, instead opting to wag his finger in an accusatory fashion before turning and walking away.

Today Haley is apologizing. During his press conference today, Haley apologized to coach McDaniels and the entire Denver organization, admitting that he let his emotions get the best of him.

“Wasn’t the right thing to do,” said Haley.

This is absolutely the right move by Haley. Regardless of what McDaniels did that upset him he needed to be the bigger person yesterday. Haley and his team have a lot to focus on this week and he is doing the right thing by putting this issue to rest with an apology.