Todd Haley Snubs Josh McDaniels


The Kansas City Chiefs got their tails kicked by the Denver Broncos Sunday and that led to some bad feelings on the part of Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

Following the game, Haley jogged out to mid-field for the traditional handshake with the opposing coach. Only Haley didn’t shake hands with Denver coach Josh McDaniels.

Instead he did this:

This is a bad move by Haley. I’m not sure what Haley’s exact reasoning was for snubbing McDaniels but it doesn’t reflect well on the Chiefs coach. I don’t think the Broncos were trying to run up the score in this game. The Chiefs left their starters in and continued to try to come back so the Broncos kept playing until the game was over.

Haley often preaches character and leadership yet he didn’t really demonstrate either of those qualities after today’s game.

I’m not saying I want Haley to like McDaniels. I actually prefer it if he doesn’t but Haley is the authority figure in the Kansas City locker room and he needs to conduct himself with professionalism at all times, even after painful losses.

What do you think Addicts? What did Haley say to McDaniels? Do you think he had good reason to snub the Denver head coach?