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Mile High Meltdown


The Kansas City Chiefs were slaughtered by the Denver Broncos Sunday by the score of 49 to 29.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the game was not as close as the score would indicate.

It was an ambush and the Chiefs weren’t ready for it. The Broncos jumped on the Chiefs fast and before the Chiefs could manage to get on the scoreboard, the Broncos had already put up 35 points.

From that point on the game was over. Denver went to their prevent defense and simply played out the rest of the game, allowing the Chiefs to complete underneath passes while the minutes ticked away.

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Since the game was pretty much over halfway through the first quarter, I had a lot of time to think about what I would say to you all in the wake of this horrific defeat. AA staff member Big Matt and I sat next to each other, out mouths hanging open, watching the carnage. Neither of us could really come up with an explanation for what we were seeing.

So why try to find one now?

The Chiefs got their tails kicked. They didn’t come to play and the Broncos did. There really isn’t too much to say other than that.

Keep in mind that the Chiefs have played nine games this season. In none of the first eight games did the Kansas City Chiefs even look as close to as bad as they did Sunday. Chances are, Sunday’s game is an outlier, a fluke, or maybe just a nightmare.

The Chiefs are a very young team that is still growing. Sometimes, even the best teams fall flat on their faces.

Thus for tonight, rather than dwell on the loss, I have a question for you. How do you think the Chiefs will respond to this loss next week when the Arizona Cardinals come to Arrowhead? Will they take this loss as a sign that they are still a bad football team or will they bounce back and resume playing the type of football we saw throughout the first half of the season?

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