Correction: DJ Williams Will Not Start But Will Play


Last night we told you that Denver Broncos linebacker DJ Williams would be benched for today’s game against the Chiefs when in actuality, he will play but will not be allowed to start.

From Bill Williamson of

"The Broncos couldn’t have suspended for Williams for the entire game for the arrest. Only the league can discipline players for legal issues. The team’s punishment was based on the distraction Williams caused, and for the fact that he missed much of Friday’s work schedule. He was arrested at 2:50 a.m. in downtown Denver."

We apologize for getting this wrong. It looks like Williams will perhaps miss the first quarter or so an dthen come in to the game.

If I may flex a little editorial muscle here, I have to say that this kind of makes Josh McDaniels look like a joke. Last year before the Chiefs came to town, McDaniels benched Brandon Marshall for the entire game because he questioned Marshall’s commitment to the team. Now he has a drunken fool driving around town and getting arrested just a couple of days before the game and he is going to let the player play.

Perhaps McDaniels remembers all to well the results of benching his better players when the Chiefs come to town but it certainly makes him look like a flip-flopper as a disciplinarian. I honestly can’t see how can have any credibility in the Denver locker room.

I guess since McDaniels is trying to save his job he has put his morals on the shelf for this week.