Chiefs Mic’d Up


When I sit watching the Kansas City Chiefs play football I am often wondering what the heck is being said on the sidelines.

Well thanks to, we get to be a fly on the wall.

The Chiefs were mic’d up for the Buffalo game last week. This a must watch video if you are a Chiefs fan. You get to hear from coach Haley and QB Matt Cassel at crucial moments what was a very stressful and exciting game.

My favorite part is when Haley is giving it to the official because he thinks one of the Bills spiked the ball into one of the Chiefs players. The ref’s excuse for not throwing a flag?

He tells Haley that the offending player told him he didn’t do it, that he spiked the ball into the ground.

I won’t spoil Haley’s response but you’ll love it. Makes you a little more sympathetic as to why coaches sometimes go crazy on officials.

To see the video, click here and then scroll to the right 10 times until you see a picture of Cassel on the far right. Enjoy.