Are You The Ultimate Displaced Fan?


 I know we have a lot of out of town readers so I thought I would run this cool Direct TV contest by you all.

They are having a contest for the ultimate displaced NFL fan.

What is a displaced fan?

Take me for instance. I grew up near Cleveland but I became a Kansas City Chiefs fan. All through high school I couldn’t see the games unless they were nationally televised. We didn’t have a computer so I watched the ticker at the bottom of one of those news channels to get the score updates. This was especially problematic because there were so many college football scores that it sometimes took them forever to get to the NFL scores and before the Chiefs game came up they would go to commercial. The ticker ran constantly so I would sometimes miss the score and have to go through it all over again.

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I went to college in Pennsylvania so I was moving farther and farther away from KC. They don’t show many Chiefs games in Steeler country.

Upon graduating, I moved to New York City to get my MFA. Giants, Jets and Eagles rule around here. Thankfully, there are plenty of sports bars that show all the games and for the first time in my life, I’ve been able to watch every single Chiefs game live.

It took me 27 years before I finally was able to get on a flight and get my butt to Arrowhead Stadium for a Chiefs game. If you read this site with any regularity, you know that first game was the Monday Night Football clash against the Chargers. What a game!

Now that I got a taste of KC, I long to go back. I long for some Gates BBQ and a Z-Man sandwich from Oklahoma Joes. I long for the Arrowhead parking lot. I long to once again walk through the gates of the best stadium in the world to drink beer, pound my seat and scream at the top of my lungs.

Yet here I am. In the land of Giants, Jets and Eagles, displaced but still bleeding Red and Gold.

If you have a similar story, you might be able to win some cool prizes. Head over to the Ultimate Displaced Fan page and enter today!