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Moss Watch: Updated


Randy Moss watch is on. The embattle wide receiver hits the waiver wire today and team’s have until 4PM (EST) to put in a claim on him.

All teams must submit a claim and the team with the highest waiver priority (worst record) will get him.

We have had some excellent discussion around here the last couple of days on whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs will throw their hat in the ring for Moss’ services.

I think it is very unlikely that Moss ends up in KC, simply because the Chiefs are so far down on the waiver list. They are currently 24th so 23 teams have a chance to get Moss before KC.

Even if the Chiefs don’t get Moss we will likely find out if they tried to get him as the names of the teams that put in a claim will leak out shortly after the 4PM deadline.

One way a team could overcome their waiver position is to offer the Buffalo Bills a trade. The Bills are at #1 on the waiver list so if they Chiefs wanted to ensure they got Moss, they could call the Bills and offer them, say a 6th or 7th round pick in exchange for Moss. The Bills would then claim Moss and flip him to the Chiefs for the picks. There would be no real reason for the Bills to turn down an offer like this as they would be getting something for nothing. This is an unlikely scenario but it is possible, especially if a team is dead set on getting Moss or blocking a division rival from getting him.

Note: A reader pointed out to me that the trade deadline has passed, meaning what I wrote above couldn’t happen. D’oh! Thanks for the heads up.

Stay tuned, Addicts. It is going to be an interesting day as former Charger Shawn Merriman is also on the wire today.

The full waiver priority list is after the jump.

Update: Word is that the Browns and Jets did NOT put in claims on Moss. ESPN.com’s Adam Shefter is reporting the Dolphins are interested.

1.  Bills
2.  Panthers
3.  Cowboys
4.  49ers
5.  Broncos
6.  Lions
7.  Vikings
8.  Bengals
9.  Browns?
10.  Chargers
11.  Cardinals
12.  Jaguars
13.  Rams
14.  Raiders
15.  Redskins
16.  Seahawks
17.  Bears
18.  Dolphins
19.  Eagles
20.  Texans
21.  Packers
22.  Saints
23.  Titans
24.  Chiefs
25.  Buccaneers
26.  Ravens
27.  Giants
28.  Falcons
29.  Jets?
30.  Colts
31.  Steelers